Meal of the Day


I love Crossfit Bishop. I am the kind of girl that isn't content with 30 minutes of "cardio" on a bike, or a step aerobics class. I like the full body burn, the opportunity to compete, and most of all the surprise that comes with doing something you didn't think you could do. Crossfit is the master at all of this. Crossfit breaks your body down so it can build back up into a better stronger one. It challenges your mind when you do three more reps than you thought possible. And it teaches your heart all you are capable of. Colin is a great instructor. I’ve never had a personal trainer but it is awesome having someone watching your form so closely, it makes you feel safe knowing that someone is looking out for you during challenging exercises so that you can push yourself a little further. Crossfit Bishop has got Colins intensity and attention to detail, Mollys inspiring fitness and kind spirit, a group of incredibly fun and fit people who are as psyched as you and an adorable baby too. Its certainly one of my favorite places to be in Bishop!! 

Annie Trujillo

Crossfit Works!  As a young buck, flush with time to get out in the mountains, I felt strongly that the best training for climbing and backcountry skiing was... climbing and backcountry skiing.  Now I'm by no means the busiest guy, nor do I have the most sedentary job, but I've felt the pinch of time in recent months.  I've spent many days over these busy months with Colin at Crossfit Bishop.   Colin energizes the classes, exudes knowledge and confidence, and successfully walks the fine line between motivation and all out pushing.  I just had my first opportunity in months to test my new Crossfitted bod'.  I can say that the total body training and the fresh, varied workouts make a huge difference!  The strength and endurance gains from Crossfit really shined on a recent one-day, monstrous exploratory ski tour in the High Sierra. I look forward to continuing to train and continuing to express strength gains.

- Jediah Porter

I really appreciate all the dedication, knowledge, and energy you and Molly are so generous in giving. Your trained, focused attention and interest in supporting not only my fitness goals, but maximizing the quality of my performance, keeps me engaged and committed. It is inspiring to be around and has been a great catalyst fueling a new level in my health and fitness. It has always been a priority for me, but sometimes the conditions just have to be right to step up the quality and intensity. I suppose much like a CF workout...So, really, thanks. You guys are providing something very worthy to the Bishop community.

- Paul Elia

CrossFit is a different kind of fitness program that requires much more than gripping a bar and hammering out concentration curls. The complexity and variety of the movements, coupled with the intensity makes for a compelling system of improving one's physical and mental fitness. This is not accomplished without expert, careful, selfless coaching which Colin Broadwater provides.

- Nils Davis

Welcome to CrossFit Bishop

Our private fitness facility here in Bishop, CA provides personal and group athletic style coaching to individuals seeking to reach the peak of their fitness potential. Our programs are designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual, regardless of experience. Our belief is that through the CrossFit training method, optimal health and longevity can be achieved for anyone: students, housewives, athletes, seniors and the general fitness enthusiast.

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program. It is a program designed to elicit as broad an adaptational response as possible. CrossFit is not a specialized fitness program but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in each of the ten generally recognized physical skills which are cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. We only use functional exercises that are primal in nature. For instance, if we dropped you in a jungle for 6 months and had hidden cameras everywhere we would witness you performing the following movements in order to survive: crawling, walking, running, jumping, climbing, squatting, lunging, lifting, carrying, throwing, swinging and swimming. There may be sub elements of pushing, pulling, twisting etc., but mainly every movement you perform would be full body compound movements using the arms and legs through the core. Failure to perform any of these movements well would have a dramatic impact on your survival.

The exercises we picked were born out of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and track and field, since world class coaches have spent years honing the skill development of these exercises to make them safe to do at full intensity. Although many of the elite use these exercises to compete, we lower the loads and teach the movements to our members so they can gain the huge benefit that they instill.

CrossFit was created by Greg Glassman, a former gymnast, and for many years existed in only a single gym in Santa Cruz, California. Today, there are more than 5000 CrossFit affiliates around the U.S and the world. CrossFit workouts meet the needs of all ages and levels of fitness, and are also used by many police and fire departments, US Navy SEALs, US Army Special Forces.

Making a Statement

CrossFit is the fastest growing fitness program in the world. As Glassman so candidly points out, we are laying siege to a 75 billion dollar fitness industry that has no answer to us. We are positioned to completely take over the fitness industry with a program rooted in evidence based science. There is no fad about it. If someone has a better program for general fitness that can compete with CrossFit, we want to see it. In fact, we will adopt it immediately if it proves to be better. So far, our proof in the efficacy of CrossFit is in the pudding. Our athletes are the fittest human beings on the planet and we will challenge anyone to compete with us. 
We are only concerned in elevating human performance. Unfortunately due to the enormous fraud that has permeated the fitness industry for ages, our first step is to assist people in a fact-finding mission. This mission is sometimes very difficult for many athletes to wrap their minds around. Once they discover that CrossFit will deliver way beyond any fitness program they have ever been a part of, they become CrossFitters and the ball keeps rolling and rolling.


We feel CrossFit blends well with all modes of exercise as a great cross training platform that brings balance to all the bodily systems.

We want to train everybody. We truly believe that CrossFit is for everyone, from kids to the elderly and Olympians to recreational weekend enthusiasts. We have a program that can be scaled to any person’s level of fitness.

We are fun, engaging, and inspire people to reach their fitness potential and peak overall health.  We are happy to have you come and spend time working out with us. It is our honor to share with you our method of exercise that we know has amazing results, which come on quickly and are sustainable.

We aspire to gain your trust, friendship and loyalty by providing you a world-class fitness program that you, your family and friends will enjoy and commit to.

We hope that one day our efforts will change the paradigm of how people think about and train for fitness, so that our members can better enjoy their lives by being functionally fit.

We understand that change is often arduous and complicated, but through optimism, persistence, and help from our community of CrossFit, we believe fitness, health, and longevity can happen for everyone!

Colin and Molly Broadwater
Owners CrossFit Bishop